Life, Laughter, Happiness- can be found on Blog Talk Radio- Founder, Host and Creative Producer-Jonathan Alexander- By Lorie Ann Jermoune

Life, Laughter, Happiness- can be found on Blog Talk Radio- Founder, Host and Creative Producer-Jonathan Alexander- By Lorie Ann Jermoune

Life, Laughter, Happiness- can be found on Blog Talk Radio- Founder, Host and Creative Producer-
Jonathan Alexander- By Lorie Ann Jermoune

It is a typical day in May in central Florida, sunny,hot, humid, though with a wonderful sense of discovery in the air. It’s a bright, vibrant day, full of swimming, relaxing or grilling inspiration and I will do all of that, following my interview with Jonathan from” Life, Laughter, Happiness” an Internet-online, Blog Talk Radio Show.

Like the unveiling of a great summer harvest, is an impromptu interview. I equate a great conversation exchange to the unfolding of spring and the coming of summer with a lot of bright, bold, sunny and entertaining information.

I know that everyone will enjoy a burst of fresh, inspiring conversation!

My goal is that you will be curious, enlightened and wanting to know more about my great guest and his contribution to Internet radio. First of all, live show times for “Life, Laughter, Happiness,” are usually from 8:00 pm EST to 9:30 EST, on posted dates and times. And the topics vary, too! Show times varies, as does topics and guest callers though what is consistent is the same host and co-host serving as regulars.

Today, I have the honor and privilege of interviewing the wonderful creator, Jonathan Alexander.

Jonathan R. Alexander is the soul founder of his Blog Talk Radio Show: “Life, Laughter, Happiness”.. The show has celebrated a continuous 12-year and counting broadcast, while other Blog Talk Shows are now little more than a recent memory, if any. Though please that if you do find a Blog Talk Radio Show that captures your attention, it would be in the online archives available for viewers to replay and enjoy again, usually within an hour of the show’s initial podcast.

I am coming to you from central Florida, while speaking to a very talented, well educated and interesting person on the other end of the line, of my phone conversation exchange. He is the founder, co-host and sole creator of “Life, Laughter Happiness,” so having a remarkable,twelve-year and counting podcast on Blog Talk Radio- That is quite an achievement!

Most shows come and go with barely a notice, though not Jonathan’s podcast…

I asked, Jonathan, how and why he feels that his show has been able to sustain itself for so long; while many others on the same or similar forum, are now long gone, and but a distant memory.

As you proceed to read, you will get to know this silent genius and his recipe for masterfully creating and captivating an audience.

He is the nucleus of the show and has been the one continuous, constant thread and pulse of the show’s life!

Recently,as within the last two years, he has featured two co-hosts, with now only one remaining co-host: Barbara Moore. Moore is a very bright, cheerful and uplifting conversationalist,and has herself, had a remarkable career.

” Let’s just say that she knows and works with a lot of very well-known famous people in the Hollywood and entertainment industry– Did I mention that she lives in California?

And yet, she remains kind, patient and down-to-earn, both highly intuitive and inquisitive!

Barbara always has a very happy tone and outlook on life.

Some notable show guests include Playboy Playmates, many of whom are Barbara’s personal friends and co-workers.

She is bright, well-traveled and very dedicated to the show’s success. I myself, have called in and been amazed to find that Barbara is co-hosting the show from another country and time zone, while on location for work.

She calls California home and Jonathan lives in Florida, so these two have covered a lot of topics from coast to coast!

Jonathan, or Johnny,as he likes to be called, is speaking to me from the Florida panhandle, somewhere in Destin, Florida, the same state as me,though different time zones.

I am very hononed and anxious to share the speaking points of my conversation with Jonathan about his Blog Talk radio show,” Life, Laughter, Happiness!”

Writer’s note: (You may find this article to be all over the map, much like my conversations with Jonathan. I am not going to formulate or dictate any need for structure, as this man is remarkable and thinks so much out-of-the box! This article captures his larger-than-life essence, thoughts and personal expression, without editing)

Alexander, proceeds to speak about his life, thoughts, plans for the show, and I asked him a few more questions regarding his background and favorite things about the show.

Alexander, much like myself, and many other Floridians, is non-native to the state: a Florida transplant and in the company of many others who choose to live their lives in the sun and fun of Florida!

Originally born in Atlanta, Georgia and fully-named Jonathan (Rafael) Alexander, he is the second to the last of four siblings, one younger sister and two older sisters. He received his BA in philosophy and minored in psychology from The University of West-Georgia.

“It would surprise some to know, as I was surprised, that a lot of great comedians, public speakers and world-changing leaders, are/were much like Jonathan, philosophy majors in college.

Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul II, comedians, Steve Allen, Jay Leno,and Steve Martin all majored in philosopy.

Steve Martin, besides being a talented commedian, is also an activist for many great causes.

Jonathan has also been inspired by television and radio personalities. Televison personality,Alex Trebic, is also a philosophy major.”

“The commonality between all of the above aforementioned exemplifies just how utilizing philosophy can and does incorporate strongly into their career paths and life choices. Whether through people issues, current events or public speaking- philosophy gets into the pulse of society’s thoughts, reasoning, adaptability, and many other traits, to name a few. Philosophy is also very incluse, unbiased and a wonderful foundation for anyone operating in a public forum as the list presented above exemplifies,” says Jonathan Alexander.

To that point, I wish to add that Jonathan had a college classmate, who also had his own talk show.

And that’s where, I believe, he started getting encouragement and first began planning to make the best use of college degree.

Of course, Jonathan asks a lot of “What if,” questions, the signature behavior or a philosophical mind, and a slew of progressive thoughts begin to marinade…

He likes to listen and learn, as well as speak, and allows anyone in his company to be themselves; to feel enabled, confident and understood, and even invites an air of raw, unencumbered opinion to come to the forefront of their own views. You can feel safe and confident about your opinions and views,when on his podcast, and be ful-filled and enriched by warmth of his comfortable and accepting presence. The tone of his show’s pulse and tone can be quite a pensative one, through an unsurpressed and inviting atmosphere.

**It is these charactar traits and tone of his show that makes his show have such a growing cult-following.

When I asked him if he could have his pick of living and/or deceased, unencumbered, unlimited guest speakers on his Blog Talk Radio show, without hesitation, it would be George Foreman, Muhammed Ali, Henry Winkler, and more fascinating people that have contributed that have been the best model of inspiration of true living, and how they left their mark in history.

“Henry Winkler,”you ask? Jonathan has a very memorable, and solid connection to the iconic character of Fonzy, played by Winker on the hit 70’s television show “Happy Days”. The common character thread for all of Jonathan’s featured podcast guest show choices.

” Characters like Fonzy have affected and positively impacted their audience, provided useful information for living an ordinary life with relatable, peaceful,and consistent narrative strength that’s also cable of inducing powerful emotions. And that never goes out of style and always remains relevant. Thus these characters are inviting inspirational living, for viewers, by their contribution to society,indemnifying their audience with love and compassion.

Akin to holding the door open for others to carry the torch of emotional, logical and masterful reasoning, bywhere their path leaves future generations with a sample of sound reason and logic that transcends time.” as quoted by Jonathan Alexander.

Jonathan’s inspiration for his show, guests and topics has been lead by a mixed-bag of comedians, talk show hosts, and activists, such as Ellen Degeneris. When probed for this all-time favorite guest choice and their respective qualities, and on how much he has been influenced by their causes and careers, Ellen Degeneris, emotes strength and his a pioneer in her own right, comes to mind.

He explained,in detail, how he wants for the show to evolve with the generations and with how people,culture and mindset is expanding in both consciousness and universal awareness. The borders are less and less prevalent, restrictive and more and more welcoming, inviting and relevant to the commonality by the experience of the masses.

There has/is an already a diversified host of amazing, well-rounded and notable guests on his show.

These guests also include his call-in guests. You never know whom will be calling in to engage the guest callers or co-hosts or even other guests callers on the show. Some notable guests include Playboy Playmates, and one that is actually now a show co-host, Barbara Moore.

“The show enlists a host of topics from world-renown psychics, authors, health topics, Corona Virus,and opinion statements about current or trending topics and the show is ALWAYS open for suggestions.”

What Jonathan proceeded to speak about,in detail, is what he wants the affect of his podcast to leave as an impression on his listerners and to others.
“A natural flow of interesting topics, content and dialogue for the success of his show to be remembered, by all, including the guests, guest callers and even stretching to any one listening to playbacks in the archives. The show, I believe, will be remembered as a wonderful time in history,” says Jonathan.

“Whether the listeners get inspired by an amazing guest, guest caller, host, co-host or other, his goal is to highlight a point in time, invoke memories, and to be self-soothing, relevant and inviting archived shows to be replayed, or even for revisiting a past time or marker in history. Listeners take ownership of the show as do guests and cohosts. People want to see the show do well. The synergy of the shows takes form over the course of a vast amount of unforseen, unplanned and unknown topics, mixed with feelings and intentions. I don’t ponder over the shows schedule, I am always pleasantly surprised by how it unfolds, so well, on its’ own,” comments Jonathan.

The long journey for Jonathan’s current show was birthed after college graduation. “He was left with the wonderful focus of mental stimulation and desire to study, concentrate and to build upon the further expansion his mind not to cease after the completion of his degree, but to be continued. Though on less academic pursuits, he wanted to place more emphasis upon achieving personal satisfaction, humanitarian pursuits and marketing, thus riding his own wave to success!”
He has worked in various fields some to mention computer programming for his father, Dr. Alexander.

His educational path follows many of the same pursuits as others that are currently in radio, television and social media, and has greatly increased the likelihood of more networking with a larger potential for an increased audience reach.

He knew that his goal was going to take hard work,patience, persistence, and probably be all-consuming.

He was an avid listener of Internet radio talk shows, social media participant and also a man of great intuition and a propensity for insightful ideas and an enlightening imagination.

***When thinking of Jonathan, think of the person, in the room who’s always asking about the,”Why’s” of life.

With all of these qualities he listened to various, different types of shows with respective topics and wanted to do something different that was worth hearing, even revisiting, going back into archived shows.

A person of many questions, he pondered about having an audience, of his own making, through a common, safe and shared space and forum. While pondering he started to network. He is subscribed on a huge host of places like Quorum, where anyone, even well-known artists choose to network with others, and also, he can be found on all of the more commonly utilized social networking sites as well. To name a few.
He has handles on all of the above platforms, continue to follow this article as he has also provided his handles, feel free to make a friend request,or DM him with show suggestions!

“He found himself wanting something that was NOT boring, restricted,repetitive, or one-opinion-slanted dialogue, yet engaging, entertaining and uniquely individual.

He noticed that over the years, there have been a lot of shows that were able to accomplish his goal.

He studied the concepts, titles and themes of the shows to see exactly what made them have such strong staying power, and what made them both financially and emotionally successful, and lastly, how they were able to sustain their longevity.

To give you further perspective: The Today Show, 60 minutes and more.”says Jonathan.

Me: So what was it about radio that made you want to start your own show?

Jonathan: Well, so I listed to a lot of shows and wanted to provide my contribution with something that was relaxing, apolitical,yet encompassed all-inclusive interesting content. I wanted content that was inviting! I myself, enjoy engaging in topics that matter to myself and others. I wanted a forum that offered it’s listeners something more! I seriously researched and found a great common thread in many long-lasting pod casts and shows: They all had these traits in common.—– Conversations and people that are willing to share and open out their hearts and their life experiences– that makes for great memorable and everlasting content.

Jonathan: I reminisce about the soothing, relaxed and satisfied feeling of how I felt after watching shows like, “Happy Days,” co-starring Henry Winkler- at it’s inception. The Fonz, or Fonzy was not a main character on the show, he had a quiet, mysterious, yet commanding presence, an energy that kept myself and his audience both captivated and curious. Fonzy’s role would eventually grow with more speaking points,as a main character, with an extensive ability to generate compassion, ease, and also a cult-following. I enjoy remembering how I felt while watching the show, my take-away, was that I wanted to be able to do the same for an audience as what Fonzy did for his audience.

At one point the producers of the show wanted to call it Fonzy’s Happy Days, and when the actor, Henry Winkler, was approached with the idea, he gave it a definite thumbs down, ( As only Fonzy could do, this was a sign of the idea being UNCOOL). Winkler knew that the show was about a concept and not about any particular character and was smart in refusing to change the direction of the show’s growing success that renaming the show could possibly have ruined. And Jonathan took note!

The point being made is that it was a show based on a lot of different content, scenarios and left it’s audience feeling joyful, peaceful or emotionally satiated, by their hour of their time investment. Their feeling’s and reactions got them inspired by them having watched the show, and by allowing their emotions to take a rollercoaster, while also being amply entertained by the show! The same or similar can be said about Good Morning America, The Today Show and others. With all of these shows, there is also another defined similarity: They are NOT coined by or named after any particular person, group or title, says Jonathan.

Me: By the way, don’t forget he has a birthday coming up very soon and since he has a radio talk show, the show will be broadcasting a May 28 Birthday Theme, and will, respectively, be broadcast on May 28. He would be remiss if he didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to coordinate with others born on the same date as him. He also has a lot of friends, co-hosts and knows many fascinating people, from all walks of life. One of those amazing connections is Joyce Keller. She’s a mild-manered, psychic lady, with a lot of intuition and she share’s the same birthday as Jonothan and for that matter, it’s my birthday, too!

Let’s get started! So Blog Talk radio has been around for a long time. It started out as mainly a psychic and political show, calling attention to people that wanted to network with others of like-mind and similar background. Why did you start your show?
Jonathan: I wanted 3 things to accomplish with my own show:

1) To have a broad range of topics- If a show is topic specific- people loose steam and so does the listening audience.

2)To be modeled after the Today Show, 60 Minutes or similar- If a show is diverse it grows,can branches into different sub-topics and keeps growing, hence it can be a classic, timeless event.

3)Have a title or name that draws in new, regular and curious audience members- Keeping the title homogenous and non-personalised to a group or individual allows the shows vibration to be fun, whimsical and has unlimited potential. Sub-topics can be incorporated, with the memories maintained in the achives. Hence, an all-encompassing title choice: “Life, Laughter, Happiness,” is pretty much a mirror-reflection of how I want others to feel and question when listening to the show!

Jonathan: Imagine listening to The Today Show in 100 years? In my view, it captures a feeling, tone or mood and is as easy as playing an archive version and commanding a wonderful feeling all over again!

Listeners take ownership of the show as do guests and cohosts. People want to see the show do well. The synergy of the shows takes form over the course of a vast amount of unforseen, unplanned and unknown topics, mixed with feelings and intentions. I don’t often ponder over the shows schedule, and I am always pleasantly surprised by how well that it unfolds, on it’s own.

Me: So, if you have one, what is your mission statement?

Jonathan: Yeah, it actually very simple and direct.
LIfe, Laughter, Happiness- A Blog Talk Radio Show-
Mission Statement: We are a diversified online radio community, promoting joy, entertainment and non-partisan engagement. Our goal is to provide an enlightening experience with a balance of light and friendly conversation exchanges for our audience of callers, hosts, and guests alike.

Goal: We aspire to have a long-lasting impact through our live dialogue, that can be revisited in the archives. We enjoy leaving a podcast to be revisited through a timeless effort, with relevance for daily living, for many generations to come!

Since he will be celebrating 48 years of life on May 28, 2020. He shares the same birthdate as repeat show guest, Psychic Joyce Keller and me! In celebration, there will be a special birthday edition of “Life, Laugher, Happiness” please call in if you share the same birthday! Here is the link:

One final note:
The show founders’ goal is that “Time Magazine”, will feature his image on the front page, detailed by interviews, dialogue and others, on either himself, his accomplished guests or similar. The goal’s focus is to be a reminder of a relevant time in history pertinent to the shows’ theme and broadcast.

Jonathan: Much like the,’I Love Lucy Show,” of many generations ago. Same concept, different type of show, yet very relevant and memorable today. We work daily on accomplishing our goals through pod casts, Youtube, blogs, social media and have more plans to expand into more mediums to achieve more!

Where can we find you?
Blog Talk Radio:

Thanks Jonathan, for taking the time to indulge me with your journey, enthusiasm and wonderful background on how you created, maintain and keep your show so interesting!

Jonathan, I am looking forward to buying a tangible or virtual copy of Time Magazine with your image on the front page, and maybe even a list of shows or venues.

Maybe a young philosophy student or group of people will find your shows archives in a time capsule 100 years from now..

The future for this entrepreneur looks pretty positive!

Thanks again!

For further questions about this article, content or other, I can be reached by email:

Lorie Ann Jermoune, Freelance writer, Orlando, Florida USA

** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!” TM



For further questions about this article, content or other, I can be reached by email:

Lorie Ann Jermoune, Freelance writer, Orlando, Florida USA

** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!” TM


Life is a journal of ripe and ready writing material. Enjoy your journal’s journey and expect the unexpected! By LOrie Ann Jermoune


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